I'm on a secret mission
Don't want them to know
To follow my intuition
Please, I need to grow

I'm in my office cublicle
Figuring out a way
I sense, I'm getting ludical
But they want me to stay

My heart is almost bursting
Don't want them to know
I need to quench my thirsting
Oh please, let me go

The angels are yet coming
I see them everywhere
In my ears they're humming
Know you're free, so dare

But I'm afraid they'll stop me
In every way they can
The angels sing, now don't flee
They are your fellow man

So then, take them with you
Someone needs to start
You can guide them through
How to follow the heart

So in this secret mission
I want you all to know
I have this joyous vision
All 'f our eyes will glow

Imagination has arrived
People share their land
This is why we all have strived
So please now take my hand

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